3 Steps to building a stand-out brand.

3 Steps to building a stand-out brand.

One of the things we teach and hold dear at the hub is actually building stand out brands and businesses. –

If you look around you critically, you figure that as a professional service provider, chances that you have 10 more people doing what you do all at the same time.

You have two choices…add to the noise or stand out.

One method for standing out is basically to build for yourself a unique framework; a framework that becomes more or less a filter for all you do.

Like many of you know, my unique framework is the visibility cure process. (Its a 5-step process for getting your message seen and found by the right. people).

My visibility cure process has birthed a show (the visibility cure show), it has birthed several courses, it has birthed the Sit Out with Nnanke (about to be a global conference), it has birthed one on one sessions, webinars, speaking engagements, article publications, podcasts and the list/possibilities are endless.

In order for you to develop yours, here are 3 simple steps for you:

1. Determine the end results for your ideal clients: My end result is transformation I.e identify your core build valuable visibility from then. –

2. Determine the steps your ideal clients will have to take to achieve the end results and start to look out for patterns and themes, I can tell you how I came up with mine in a webinar and in the next sit out with Nnanke holding next weekend. –

3. Have fun developing your unique framework, using tools like thesaurus.com and my coveted list of product naming suffixes, you have to be on my mailing list to grab those.

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