3 steps to ensure you are converting and delighting your tribe

3 steps to ensure you are converting and delighting your tribe

I need visibility coach help me, I am not selling, no body likes my content or stops by at all…Hey!!!! Let’s do some schooling, grab your slate and chalk, ok grab a note and pen, or maybe write it on a wall and stick it somewhere you can see. In all your journey online understand that, LIKES AND COMMENTS DON’T BUY, HUMAN BEINGS DO and not just any human, the right type of human beings. So, what you need to be worried about is not about the trickling likes and comment but exactly how to get in front of those people. (now this is assuming you have the right message, platform of trust and a good grasp of who your people are, if not call me NOW!!!)

  1. Good juicy Content: Disclaimer: the world isn’t lacking good content, what the world is lacking is meaningful, valuable, relevant and engaging content. So,when I say content, I don’t mean just any content, I mean content that positions you as the leading resource expert in your niche, content that makes the hair on the back of your clients neck stand, content that makes your client always look forward to your page, content that will make them comeback for more, content that will make them drag you from the ER assuming you miss a day cos you swallowed an alien…well you get the point. So, think about value, think about being helpful, think about pain points, think about solutions that are relevant to your people, not just the ones you think are relevant. Now get to work and make sure in the back end your content is visually appealing and hot. Trust me when I say your content will make way for you and your great content will always find its way to your MVC’s i.e your most valuable customers ™
  2. Call to action (CTA): Yep!!!adults are weird, like really weird, so if you don’t tell them what to do, chances are that they will rarely do it. what do you do?…tell them…that’s really it. My guys at hubspot have a smart way of saying this in a grab-able way “your content must have a goal” this is relevant to this step because, if you are aware of your contents goal, then you are aware of the sort of response you want to illicit. Hence, if your post is for awareness, then your call to action will be tag a friend or three friends who need to see this, or click the link to learn more. If your content goal is to sell a swatch then your CTA should be call now to place your order or swipe up to snatch your deal. Again baby!!! Get to work
  3. Follow up: Girrllllll that’s a magic potion that works…well you guessed it…magic every single time. There’s no client who isn’t delighted when I send one of those my hey you, just checking to make sure you are doing great. You know the drill, get to work and follow up with your peeps
  4. Show off: Oh yesss…it’s okay to brag (don’t be humble…just brag away) a little, trust me, when you show all your awesomeness and the transformational results you have given your clients, other people will just want exactly those transforming results and the fear of missing out is real. So brag away, put the cherry of a mind blowing offer to your brag and watch them run to you like flies rushing to share my mango with me.
  5. Close the deal: so you have qualified the leads, you give them a tempting lead magnet, you do the discovery call, then you catch a cold when it’s time to close the sale…y’all need to get up close and personal and close those deals. Even if that means having a sales script. Also, ensure that you listen actively to their problems during their discovery call and them pitch them a solution relevant to the problems and watch them stick to you like glue.

Cheers to a visible and viable business.



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