This is that big word you hear all the time, it worries you and you know you need it, but you just don’t know what to do. Well here is my positioning formula and here is how you position your good and awesome self.

Now! There is a huge battle you have to fight out there to be positioned right and I don’t mean the David and Goliath type battle, I mean the battle to occupy an unforgettable spot in the mind of your ideal clients, the relentless battle to stand out in the minds of your ideal clients in this very over crowded battle field. Think about it, when you intend to build a relationship with people, what is the first thing you do…no you don’t get to know them first, you first be clear on why you want to be friends with them. Yep! I know that sounds really weird, but as soon as you understand why you want to be friends with them, you intentionally nurture the relationship, you give resources, materials and gist that feeds and grows them, that they are excited about right…well not that technical but you get the drift. For you to begin this positioning thingy, you need to begin by clarifying your reason for the relationship…@ the hub we call it, the vision clarity optics™…following that you draw an audience profile and then begin to open conversation, build relationship and trust, understand what their challenges are and become a helpful resource, become a leading and trusted resource. I haven’t spoken about products yet so don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. When you continue to sow, connect and grow…every single time they have a problem relating to this problem, the one person they will call will be DING DING, you guessed right YOU. There you have it…your positioning journey begins now.


Cheers to a visible and viable business.



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