What is this thing called marketing?

What is this thing called marketing?

Now that I have your attention, let’s get to talking…it’s no surprise that most small businesses don’t grow past the point where they generate enough profit to live decently or earn the finer things they desire, more often than not I hear the convenient excuse of Ahh! I don’t know how to market, too many competitors, it’s so hard to stand out, I have tried it all, but it’s not just right, there’s no course I haven’t taken, I am overwhelmed, I am frustrated. Dear business owner, hear me and hear me good, the fact that you have a talent doesn’t necessarily mean you are good at the business of your talent…In order words, to be successful in your business you must begin by mastering the business of your talent (as my coach @Steve Harris will say) and understand the resources and tools that will help you remain successful and profitable..


Secondly, you don’t just wing it and try everything possible in the name of marketing, you must have a solid plan to launch into the market, a plan to ensure you are getting your message in front of your right clients, a plan that ensures they know you, like and trust you enough to make a decision to become your client, a plan that ensure you create products and services that speak to their pain points, their motivations, desires and emotions that keep them up at night. In the coming write ups we will speak about this plan, understanding your clients journey and building the right marketing collateral to keep them inside your secret sauce, super, duper system. Until then, try your hands on this plan and tell me how it goes.


Cheers to building a visible and viable business



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