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I provide strategic business advice in the area of visibility marketing, people, processes and growth plans to corporations, individuals and groups leveraging on my vast experience in HR consulting and visibility marketing for notable businesses and organisations. Our services are designed to position you and your brand as the market leader in your niche as well as to help you GRAB Attention, get seen and found by the RIGHT people. To do this, we equip you with the exact dose of marketing knowledge fit for your business as well as set up your internal systems and processes to meet the demands of your market. At The Visible business hub, we believe every successful big business is a small business that did something right ab initio, hence every small business must prepare itself to scale, grow and be profitable by getting the right support and strategy for growth and profitability. My team(league) of extraordinary consultants are made up of Finance Strategists, Communication and branding specialists, idea mapping strategists and digital marketing Specialists with vast experience across different sectors to ensure your organization gets a full range profit generating service and support..

As a result of the demand on my time, I can only provide services for sessions booked in advance. Also, a full package consulting goes anywhere from 6 weeks – 6 months. . If you will like to book an Executive Coaching session with me, kindly preview the details in the categories below and fill the form appropriately

Executive Coaching (Standard) For entrepreneurs and start-ups

  • Business Assessment & visibility marketing
  • Digital Marketing solutions

Executive Coaching (Premium) For CEOs & Entrepreneurs (>5yrs and Start up)

  • Business Assessment & visibility marketing
  • People, systems and process growth plan
  • Finance and strategy
  • Digital Marketing

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The Visibility Ascension Crash course

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