Visibility Planning

It is not new knowledge that every business has to be seen and found by their ideal clients to be able to make sales, grow and be profitable. However, the advent of numerous platforms and strategies claiming more superiority than others, it can get very overwhelming for many business owners. We also understand that with the business owner wearing multiple caps i.e CEO, marketer, HR etc, it is easy to give less attention to what matters, thereby hampering business desired results.. Using our 5 step visibility cure process we help you build a unique visibility plan that’s just right for you. The Visibility Cure caters to 5 specific and critical areas (Psychology, Products, Promotions, Platforms and Partnerships) that ultimately positions you as a trusted resource in your niche.

Business Growth Plan​

The right set of People, processes and a unique business operating system is the solution every business needs to scale up and grow. We work with you to identify your success patterns, the desires of your clients, trends in the industry, market analysis, operations etc and then help you document how your operations should be carried out to achieve the set goals of the company. We help you create tailor made handbooks, check lists, desk manuals, process manuals across all functions in the organization as well as develop flowcharts for easy assimilation. Where your company already has processes, we audit and improve the processes. Beyond that, we have you with your financials, staff orientation, culture trainings and the full body of work to ensure your business is positioned to grow and scale.


We equip your staff with the right dose of marketing techniques specific to your business. We also train your staff on client experience and

Executive Coaching

This service will provide a solid foundation for your business to succeed. With my team of consultants we develop a unique framework and action plan, in addition to developing your people to help you meet your set objectives. We will review key aspects of your business such as finance, sales and marketing, human resources, operations and customer experience etc. in order to create a company ready for growth, success and sustainability

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